Director’s Vision

My vision for the Powerhouse is: to be the world’s leading museum of science and design, acclaimed internationally and loved locally.

A great collection provides the foundation for a great museum. The Powerhouse Museum is built on such a foundation, however it must capitalise on the opportunity. To achieve audience and critical acclaim, the Powerhouse Museum, and its network of venues and collections, must be alive and dynamic.

As Director I am committed to a process of transformation. The organisation will be outward focussed – providing compelling reasons for audiences to engage online, through new media, visitation, knowledge and thought leadership.

We will build long term relationships with partners and supporters to ensure sustainability and diversified funding streams. We will use international networks to deliver great exhibitions and economic return to New South Wales.

The broad subjects of Science and Applied Arts will be brought to life through themes such as ‘curiosity’ for science and ‘creativity’ for applied arts. A collections focussed approach will be transformed to content creation and dissemination enabling the Powerhouse and its network of venues to become a hub for new media, remote learning and ingenuity.

As Director I will ensure the Powerhouse Museum is positioned internationally as an acclaimed and innovative museum of science and design and locally as a thriving hub for curiosity and creativity.

Rose Hiscock