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These resources are appropriate for everybody.

The lesson plans are particuarly useful for teachers. They contain guides and links to all the materials needed for five topics.

The useful websites link straight to reliable sources of current information about everything from climate change to biodiversity, land and water management, energy, transport, sustainable design and the built environment.

The posters are four graphics produced by the Powerhouse Museum. They may be downloaded, printed and used freely for educational purposes.

The EcoLogic book is a soft copy of the publication EcoLogic: creating a sustainable future that was published by Powerhouse Publishing in 2004. Some of the material regarding water management in Australia has been superseded but most of the book remains relevant. The book may be downloaded, printed and used freely for educational purposes. Hard copies of the EcoLogic book may be purchased here.

Changing landscapes features 42 historic images from the Powerhouse Museum. The photographs were taken between 1885 and 1915. They are interpreted and accompanied by questions to promote thoughtful discussion. The images may be downloaded and printed freely for educational purposes.



On now until 30 June 2020

EcoLogic explores one of the world’s hottest topics today: climate change. Discover the science behind global warming, learn what we can do to slow it down and what we can do to adapt to the changes already taking place.