3rd MAAS Mabo Day Address

A MAAS Reconciliation Week 2017 Program.

The 3rd MAAS Mabo Day Address celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Mabo Decision. The Address will be delivered by Terri Janke with participation from the Sydney-based Torres Strait Islander community and will include opportunities to view the star – Koiki – named by MAAS to honour the legacy of this contemporary warrior of the Torres Straits.

Terri Janke is a Wuthathi/Meriam woman from Cairns. She is the Solicitor Director of Terri Janke and Company, a commercial law firm. She empowers Indigenous people so they prosper. Terri advises on legal matters including incorporation, joint venture, procurement, governance, employment and engagement. She is an international authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) and has written the leading protocols and ICIP models in the film, arts, museum and archival sector.