Ancient Egyptian Skies Tour

5pm Mon–Fri, 12.15pm Sat–Sun

Step inside Sydney Observatory’s Planetarium and be transported back to the time and land of the Egyptian Pharaohs to explore the mysteries of mummification and the ancient skies.

Journey to the royal tombs of Egypt  on the Planetarium ceiling and piece together the archaeological and genetic clues of Egyptian mummies in Egypt: Secrets of the Mummies.

Then journey across the ancient Egyptian sky in the Planetarium and learn the significance of the sky to both the everyday and afterlife of ancient Egyptians. Learn the ancient Egyptian names of certain stars, what they called the planets, and the so-called undying stars whom the pharaohs would join after passing from this life to the next.

Monday–Friday: 5.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12.15 pm

Duration: 60 minutes.