Animated Cartoon Creator (Ages 9–12)

This is a one-day workshop.

Animation is the process of using still images to create the illusion of motion. Learn the tricks of making believable animation using Surface Books to draw each frame digitally using a physical pen. The skills learnt here are used in popular cartoons such as Adventure Time, The Simpsons and Rugrats. Learners will go through the process of creating frame-by-frame animation to bring still images to life. This workshop is ideal for learners with any level of drawing skills with applications ranging from the ever popular stickman animations to full anime.

Please note: final projects will be uploaded to The Lab’s public YouTube channel.

Digital learning programs at ICE focus on premium learning experiences with a high facilitator to learner ratio. All courses cater for learners of differing abilities. The last half an hour of the workshop will be open for parents to view the participants’ work.

Note: This program runs at ICE. There is no café so packed lunch is essential.

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