Curator Talk: Catherine Flood and Carrie Reichardt

Saturday 31 October 2015, 2.00–3.00pm Powerhouse Museum

Join Victoria and Albert Museum Curator, Catherine Flood, and artist Carrie Reichardt in the gallery for a discussion of the exhibition Disobedient Objects.

Catherine Flood is the co-curator of the exhibition Disobedient Objects which looks at the spirit of collective creativity and ingenious art and design created by activism and social movements. Grass-roots social movements have had a powerful impact on remaking our world. In this talk Catherine will discuss the process of developing the exhibition and working with objects which have resisted the mainstream.

She will be joined by British artist Carrie Reichardt whose Tiki Love Truck is included in Disobedient Objects. The Tiki Love Truck keeps alive the memory of John Jo ‘Ash’ Amador who was executed in the State of Texas in 2007. The truck has toured festivals and parades as a spectacular statement against the death penalty. Carrie and Catherine will discuss the powerful role objects have played in protest and affecting significant social change.

This event is presented in association with Disobedient Objects, an exhibition organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.