Design, Fiction and Futures: the Architecture of Liam Young

8 August 2018, 6.30–8pm Powerhouse Museum Book Tickets

Join us for an exciting performance lecture by acclaimed artist, Liam Young. This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into Liam’s complex and multi-faceted practice as a speculative architect who operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures.

Liam is featured in Human non Human a new exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum that asks: What makes us human? How might humans adapt in the future? The exhibition features four immersive installations that reveal the role of ‘non-humans’ in making us who we are – from plants, animals and molecules to technologies, data flows, buildings and robots.

In this cinematic lecture, Liam provides specialised insight into his Human non Human installation Renderlands, and considers the way in which global data flows and global labour markets oscillate between the virtual and the material.

Liam Young is co-founder of Tomorrows Thoughts Today, an urban futures think tank, exploring the local and global implications of new technologies and Unknown Fields, a nomadic research studio that travels on expeditions to chronicle these emerging conditions as they occur on the ground. Liam’s narrative approach sits between documentary and fiction as he focuses on projects that aim to reveal the invisible connections and systems that make the modern world work.


This talk is part of the Sydney Science Festival.




MAAS Member Adult$22.50
MAAS Member – Concession$19
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