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EcoLogic explores one of the world’s hottest topics today: climate change. Discover the science behind global warming, learn what we can do to slow it down and what we can do to adapt to the changes already taking place. Scientists predict a warmer Earth in the near future, with more acidic oceans, wilder weather and rising sea levels.

You’ll see how one of our most precious natural resources – fresh water – is managed in Sydney. A hands-on interactive iPad game tests your ability to manage a city’s water cycle.  Droughts and population growth create chaos amidst the effort to maintain dams, pumps, filtration plants, storm water and sewage systems. You’ll be challenged!

Explore an ‘eco-friendly’ home, uncover the benefits of recycling and efficient energy use, and see how eating locally-grown food can make a real difference.

Every one of us creates our environment. Every choice we make has an effect on the world around us, whether it’s what we buy, how we travel, or how we work or play. Millions of individual decisions every day right across Australia are adding up to shape the country we live in. Collectively, we’re creating our future so let’s build the best future we can!

Three students use an exhibit about changing weather conditions.

Students from Ingelburn Primary School explore climate change in Australia

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