Create your own communication project

Want to get others involved in changing the world? There’s nobody better than you to influence the decisions that your friends and acquaintances make. People trust people they know, more than they trust strangers. Go on. Speak up. Help create the kind of world you want to live in. Make videos or games, create posters, construct a website, write a song or make a display. The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter how large or small your project, or how you choose to get the message across, use the skills you have and gather new ones as you go.

One potential project is to create an exhibition. A class might put together a small exhibition for the rest of the school, or a school might present a display in a local shopfront or at a community centre.

This guide is designed primarily to assist you with developing an exhibition of your own. However, the same steps can be applied to other projects, such as making a website or video. There are many tasks involved, including structuring ideas, locating useful information, gathering resources and communicating effectively. The steps are useful for both very simple projects and complex ones.

How to design your exhibition: a guide

Download this guide (PDF, 106KB)