Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives


Egyptian Mummies Expert Floor Talks

Wednesdays & Saturdays at 2pm until 22 April 2017

Free with Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives admission

Join some of Australia’s leading and emerging Egyptologists as they reveal the history behind ancient Egypt. Book for the 2.00 pm session on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


School Holidays

Saturday 17 December 2016 – Monday 30 January 2017

Ancient Egypt comes to life with big expeditions for little archaeologists this summer! To celebrate the world premiere of Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives at the Powerhouse Museum, discoverers can search for lost artefacts in a giant dig pit then build giant structures like the Egyptians did. At Sydney Observatory, book for a twilight extravaganza to explore ancient stories about our Universe. Step back in time at the Museums Discovery Centre to learn from past explorers. Explore gaming, coding, video making and digital media in our always-popular full day workshops.


Ancient Egyptian Skies at Sydney Observatory

Daily until 25 April 2017, 5.15pm Monday–Friday, 12.15pm Saturday & Sunday


Step inside Sydney Observatory and be transported back to the time and land of the Egyptian Pharaohs to explore the mysteries of mummification and the ancient skies.

Journey to the royal tombs of Egypt in the film Egypt: Secrets of the Mummies and piece together the archeological and genetic clues of Egyptian mummies. Then journey across the ancient Egyptian sky in the Observatory’s Planetarium and learn the significance of the sky to both the everyday and afterlife of ancient Egyptians. Learn the ancient Egyptian names of certain stars, what they called the planets, and the so-called undying stars whom the pharaohs would join after passing from this life to the next.


Tutting Workshops with Darren Compton (Ages 12+)

Saturdays in January and April 2017, 10.30–11.45am


Get your groove on in these dance workshops for teenagers using a form of hip hop inspired by hieroglyphics!


Mummy Movie Night: The Prince of Egypt (1998)

Saturday 21 January 2017, 6.00–9.00pm

$10–$80 (includes Egyptian Mummies admission)

Get cosy for a family evening at the Museum and grab some popcorn before settling in to watch the Dreamworks classic The Prince of Egypt. Tickets include a special discounted after-hours viewing of Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives.


In-Conversation – Grave Business: Dendroglyphs and grave markers of South-Eastern Australia

Monday 13 February, 12.30–1.30pm

Free with Museum entry

Like the Ancient Egyptians, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples constructed sign-posts to mark important cultural sites. Whilst the Egyptians built pyramids and temples, many of Australia’s First Nations Peoples carved intricate designs into living trees to mark places of ceremony and ritual – including burial grounds.

In this presentation, Ronald Briggs discusses the significance of this practice throughout South-Eastern Australia, cites examples of the loss of these sacred markers and celebrates the community impact of the repatriation of these cultural objects to country. Ronald is the Indigenous Services Librarian at the Mitchell Library.


Kopi Workshop: Building an understanding of loss from an Indigenous perspective

Saturday 11 February 10am–4pm – Sunday 12 February 10am–1pm


The way we mourn determines the way we heal. Join artist Maree Clarke in an experiential workshop exploring art making for healing within both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures. Over a two-day workshop, participants will be guided through a process of building and decorating clay headwear (Kopi) to support a deepened understanding of Aboriginal culture and the connections between arts and emotional well-being. The workshop will address ‘Sorry Business’, with the greatest respect.


Mummy Movie Night: The Mummy (1959)

Friday 17 February 2017, 6.00–8.30pm

$5–$22 (includes Egyptian Mummies admission)

Join us for a spooky night-time viewing of the cult classic horror movie The Mummy, and the Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives exhibition.


Death and Dying Discussion Series

Death and Dying: Mourning practices and rituals of Australia’s first peoples and ancient Egyptians

Sunday 12 February 2017, 2–4pm

Adult $15, Concession $8, MAAS Members free

In this yarn-up, cultural specialists Maree Clarke, Matt Poll and Melanie Pitkin undertake a conversational comparative analysis of the mourning practices of the ancient Egyptians and Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and speak to issues around the discovery, excavation and repatriation of human remains.


Death and Dying: From ancient to contemporary

Thursday 16 March 2017, 6–8pm

Adult $15, Concession $8, MAAS Members free

Join us for a lively panel discussion about death and dying from ancient civilisations through to today. Hear from experts as they share their perspectives on what it means to die well as we ask how these perspectives influence how people live and their beliefs.


Death and Dying: Deadly Ones in da’House

Sunday 2 April, 2–4pm

Adult $15, Concession $8, MAAS Members free

When a 10 year old girl takes her life in a regional community, how can we reconcile that as a characteristic of the 21st century norm? Have we become conditioned to accept the black plague of youth suicide as a rite of passage? Why are our young people becoming so desensitised that self-harm seems like it’s their only option? Could re-connection to culture be the way forward?

In this In-conversation we will examine these questions and look at ways that communities are keeping their young ones alive by building connections to cultural practices and strengthening their own identities with a sense of hope for the future.