Egyptian Mummies: Family Sundays

Sundays in February & March, 10am–4pm

To celebrate Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives, on now at the Powerhouse Museum, immerse your family in ancient Egypt every Sunday from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm throughout March, free with Museum admission. Pre-book your Egyptian Mummies tickets here and save.

Each Sunday families and friends can explore ancient Egyptian lives through either the eyes of an architect, artist, archaeologist or a pharaoh. Learn about ancient Egyptian buildings, what pharaohs wore, how artists worked, or become an archaeologist for the day!

Enjoy hands-on making, story-telling, dress-ups and much more around the Museum, including:

  • visiting the Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives exhibition (pre-book your tickets here and save)
  • enjoying a special series of hands-on making and creative activities for families and friends that explore Ancient Egyptian Lives
  • seeing the mind-bending chalk art at the Museum’s entrances
  • watching a live match of Senet, one of the oldest board games, straight from ancient Egypt
  • listening to Ancient Egyptian themed story telling sessions
  • learning in our newly re-designed Experimentations exhibition – fun for the whole family
  • eating Egyptian falafel for lunch at the MAAS Café
  • exploring our family favourite exhibitions Space and Transport and explore our Mars Yard
  • playing in The Lab
  • or relaxing in the outdoor courtyard, café and playground

With a different focus each week there is something fun for everyone, as you dig deeper into the lives of ancient Egyptians.

Sunday 5 March: Pharaoh

Learn more about ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and make your own royal neckpiece or create a protective amulet to take home with you.

Sunday 12 March: Archaeologist

Look deeper into the tools and techniques used by archaeologists while you dig, discover and document your findings. Learn how to decode secret messages and write your own hieroglyphics.

Sunday 19 March: Guinness World Record Attempt

Join us as we attempt a Guinness World Record – the greatest number of people dressed as mummies at a single venue. We’ll give you everything you need to wrap yourself as a mummy, all you need to bring is yourself. Pre-register here.

Sunday 26 March: Artist

Investigate the role of symbolism and story-telling within Egyptian art. Draw your own ancient Egyptian portrait and add to the large collaborative mural.