Faith, fashion and nuclear fusion

John Neesh

Shame on you for letting religion come to your museum. This exhibition should be called “Muslim fashion”, but you couldn’t put that could you? You’ve sneaked in religion in a science museum. It is insulting to me as a scientist. I brought my daughter to see the power of science and you’ve shown her burkinis. Shame.

One thought on “Faith, fashion and nuclear fusion

  1. The Powerhouse Museum is not only a science Museum, it has a unique and diverse collection which spans history, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music, fashion, transport and space exploration. It is also home to the material heritage and stories of Australian culture, history and lifestyle, providing an insight into this rich and diverse country. The Faith, fashion, fusion: Muslim women’s style in Australia exhibition currently showing at the Powerhouse Museum is part of the Museum’s objective to develop programs and exhibitions reflecting the ethnic, cultural, spiritual and linguistic diversity of Australians with a view to fostering understanding of Australia’s many communities.

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