“Thank you for bringing such a wonderful exhibition to life”


Two months ago whilst in Sydney I was fortunate enough to view the Faith Fashion Fusion exhibition when visiting the Powerhouse.

I am a teacher of Religious Education at a Catholic secondary college in Victoria, and as such I was incredibly impressed by the video interviews that played on the small screens in the foyer. I asked the Museum shop whether these interviews were available in any form for educational purposes, and they gave me your contact details.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for such an exhibition, as I believe it was a wonderful example of the power of multicultural, inter-religious education in broadening our understanding of Islam in Australia. Our students study Islam in Year 11, and one of the purposes of the study is not only to improve their knowledge of another religious tradition, but to increase their awareness of the lives, the opinions, the experiences of others who have a different faith life to their own. The stories in your exhibition were incredibly powerful, and if possible, I believe they would be a valuable way of educating about life for Muslims in Australia today, something which seems in greater need than ever in light of recent events.

Would you please let me know whether these recorded interviews are, or will become, commercially available, or available in any form for educational purposes? If you haven’t already considered doing so, may I suggest that these interviews as a collection would make a valuable educational resource.

Thank you for your time, and again, thank you for bringing such a wonderful exhibition to life.

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