Hijab House

Hijab House

Hijab House

Established by Tarik Houchar, Hijab House was one of the first Australian Muslim women’s fashion retailers to open inside a mainstream shopping centre. The flagship Sydney store opened in Bankstown Centro in September 2010. The Hijab House approach to retailing has always been influenced by social media, in particular customer feedback on Facebook. This has influenced Tarik’s move to online retailing through the Hijab House e-boutique and his decision to wholesale his label through other modest fashion stores.
“We listen to our customer’s suggestions and imbue them in our future plans.”


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In their own words

“We want to change the way this product has been sold for centuries. our vision is to cheer up the world of hijab.”

“The modesty comes from the fit and the cut. We make sure the garments are not transparent or tight fitting and we make sure they are long. The fashionable side of it comes from the prints and stories that we give to our garments.”

“Our ‘You’re Late for Tea’ collection was very playful, very pretty, based around an Alice in Wonderland story. I think when you give attention to that kind of detail, the customer really responds to that. They get engaged in the excitement and in the story itself.”

Interview with Tarik Houchar [8:31]

Interview with Tarik Houcher