Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park presented by Toyota

Featured Works

Light Ball Orchestra: Compose a symphony of light and sound with giant colourful musical balls. Every movement your ball makes changes the entire space. What will you create?

Graffiti Nature: Create a living ecosystem of animals and plants – the more you draw and colour, the more the natural world expands around you. Then try and find your artwork in this digital jungle but remember, this is nature – animals eat other animals and butterflies appear near flowers – so be smart. If the animals sense you, they’ll run away. If you stand still, flowers will blossom around you. Explore this habitat and see what you can find.

Sketch Town: Scan your drawings into Sketch Town and see the town grow and evolve around you. Every part has a role to play in the town; touch the town’s objects to change their behaviour.

Sketch Town Papercraft: Turn your 2D drawings into unique 3D memories to take home with you as you breakdown the barriers between the digital and the physical.Draw and colour your favourite Sketch Town images, scan your drawing, print it out and assemble your 3D model.

Hopscotch for Geniuses: Test out your hopscotch skills and train your body and mind as you land on circles, triangles and squares to trigger sounds and colours. The better your hopscotch, the more beautiful the patterns.

Sketch People: Sketch yourself some new friends, scan them and see them come to life on our large screen. You can even interact with them as they form relationships with one another!

A Table Where Little People Live: Little people run across this digital table. Place objects on the table and change the way these little people act. Watch them jump, climb and slide as they adapt to the new environment you create.

Connecting! Block Town: Control the movement of cars and trains in this ever-changing town. Keep an eye on the traffic!