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Jump Into: Minecraft Education (Ages 7- 11)

Duration: 2 hours
Workshop7 - 11 Years

This is a two-hour workshop.

Come and experience Minecraft with a twist! Step into an alternate reality in Minecraft: Education Edition. Learners will have the opportunity to experience some of the various Minecraft Education worlds such as our Mars biome or Microsoft MakeCode builder training areas.
Focusing on communication, collaboration, delegation, and sharing, this workshop is ideal for both beginners and experienced players.

“Jump Into” workshops are a rapid introduction to a topic and can be built upon by attending our school holiday workshops. No parental supervision is required.

Please be sure to read our essential information for The Lab workshops.

Plan Your Experience

All the information you need to plan your visit is available on the Powerhouse Museum venue page, including:

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What is Minecraft EDU?
Minecraft EDU is a learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem solving.

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