Jump into: Scratch Augmented Reality (Ages 8-10)

Duration: 2 hours
Workshop8 - 10 Years
17 January 2019 9:30am-11:30am Museums Discovery Centre Book Tickets

This is a two-hour workshop running at the Museums Discovery Centre..

Find out the secrets of Augmented Reality programming using Scratch. You can become part of your very own game by saving planets, becoming a fruit ninja and popping digital bubbles with your fingers!

Then bring LEGO to life coloured by creating your own webcam platformer game. Digital Sprites will interact with the LEGO on the table to complete different levels.

“Jump Into” workshops are a rapid introduction to a topic and can be built upon by attending our school holiday workshops. No parental supervision is required.

Please be sure to read our essential information for The Lab workshops.


MAAS Member Child$20
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Plan Your Experience

All the information you need to plan your visit is available on the Museums Discovery Centre venue page, including:

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Where can I download Scratch?

You can find out more information on Scratch, and download their software for computers from their website. https://scratch.mit.edu/download

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is when digital graphics are overlaid on top of a live camera feed of the real world environment.

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