Kinda Thinky

Wednesday 19 August 2015, 7.30–9.30pm Powerhouse Museum Book Tickets

Launched in late 2014, KindaThinky is an irreverent theme-driven chat show that has taken Canberra by storm, selling out every event so far. Now the KindaThinky experience is coming to glorious Sydney.

This show will be all about EXCESS, because who doesn’t like a little extra? We love a spot of abundance… While our planet might orbit in the Goldilocks-zone sweet spot of perfect balance between too little and too much, most of us living on the surface really don’t. How did we end up like this, swimming in our own garbage, building triple XL houses and living so long that all we want is to live even longer? More importantly, how do we make sense of where we’re at and whether we even like being here?

Over the course of the night, hosts Dr Rod Lamberts and Dr Will Grant (Science Communication academics at the Australian National University) will explore multiple perspectives on excess with their special guests — primo waste recycler David Singh, longevity expert Dr Samantha Solon-Biet, architectural virtuoso Melonie Bayl-Smith and pot-stirring priest Father Rod Bower, the man behind the controversial Gosford Anglican church billboard.

Cash bar.


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