Lost Childhood: The Obsolescence of Humanity

Exploring from a speculative 2116, Year 11 learners from Crestwood High School reflect on the obsolescence of humanity through future archaic technologies and the roots of this generation’s cultural behaviour.

A major excavation site located in the former Crestwood High School, has uncovered artefacts dating back to pre-2016. The former high school, once a place of education for adolescent intellectuals has revealed artefacts preserved in the rubble of the school in relatively unscathed condition. Some of these primitive technologies and most important means of communication have answered the secrets of the past. The ambiguous cultural norms and behaviours of the so-called ‘Z generation’ have been exposed. One of the more curious items include an ‘eraser’, a tool used to erase early lead markings but more importantly, to decide the fate of early 21st Century youth.

(Image: Yes/No Oracle, early 2000s)