Store 1

The talent and skills of some of the world’s best designers are contained in this store. Chairs, vases, platters, bowls, necklaces, shell work, baskets, silverware, jugs, figurines, teapots and coffee services are all brimming with the creativity of generations of designers and makers, and are a rich source of inspiration today.

About these collections

The items on display at the Museums Discovery Centre are drawn from the vast collections of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Australian Museum and Sydney Living Museums.

Between them, these museums care for millions of objects and specimens, providing insights into engineering, architecture, science, art, transport, fashion, design, health, technology, natural history, domestic life, Indigenous and Pacific cultures and more.

Many of the items you’ll see on display have never been exhibited before, and there are many more treasures to be seen by taking a booked tour through the deep stores where the museum staff work day to day.