Our Quantum Future

Thursday 22 October 2015, 5.30–7.30pm Powerhouse Museum Book Tickets

We’re set to see some amazing technologies and innovations as scientists learn to harness the powerful properties of the quantum world. At the forefront of these innovations is quantum science, but what is it and how will it impact our day-to-day lives? Join us for an illuminating night of enquiry and insight as we address – and debate – the future of our world in the Nanotechnology Era! Don’t miss this intriguing and entertaining night when we’ll dissect what’s known and what’s still to be found out about this amazing, mysterious and compelling new science.

  • What is a quantum computer? Can it be hacked?
  • What is a quantum clock, and how can it be used for navigation, or to monitor high-speed investment trading?
  • Can a quantum algorithm help design new pharmaceuticals?
  • How does a portable quantum gravimeter find hidden aquifers and mineral deposits?

Hear from some of the experts that are standing right on the edge of this brave new world and get a fascinating unique insight into what our Quantum future will be like. This discussion will be chaired by Dr. Cathy Foley, Macquarie alumna and Chief of the Division of Materials Science and Engineering.

This talk is organised by Macquarie University.

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