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EV3-Python Programming (Ages 10-12)

Duration: 6 hours
Workshop10 - 12 Years

This is a one-day workshop running at Sydney Observatory.

Learn about what space rovers are and what they do before assembling a Mars rover and equipping it with appropriate sensors. Discover the basics of control systems and robotics using LEGO EV3 robots to get your motors in gear and avoid obstacles autonomously in order to complete your space mission! In this workshop, you will code with Python and use it to program an EV3 robot.

Bringing lunch is essential as there is no cafe on site.

Please be sure to read our essential information for The Lab workshops.

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What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is powerful, easy to use, and easy to learn!

We don’t have experience with Python, can we still join in?

Yes, our educators will start with the very basic building blocks of the Python programming language.

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