Recital: Glorias

Glorias is a performance work directed by The opera Project’s Nigel Kellaway, which concentrates on the energy of two pianists, Benjamin Au and Michael Bell. The Glorias will be performed by Kathy Cogill, Nikki Heywood and Katia Molino.

Bach’s monumental orchestral Brandenburg Concerti is reimagined by Kellaway for the two pianists to play together on the one piano, creating a theatrical whirlwind of sound, text and movement that showcases the Powerhouse Museum’s Stuart piano. This collides with a loose interpretation of John Cassavetes’ 1980 film Gloria to create not an opera, not a recital but rather a completely disobedient performance.

The Glorias: Kathy Cogill, Nikki Heywood, Katia Molino

Pianists: Benjamin Au, Michael Bell

Director: Nigel Kellaway

Writers: Nigel Kellaway, Kathy Cogill, Nikki Heywood, Katia Molino referencing John Cassavetes’ screenplay Gloria (1980)

Music: The Brandenburg Concerti by J.S. Bach, re-imagined for piano duet by Nigel Kellaway

Piano: Wayne Stuart, Stuart and Sons

Tickets include the opportunity to view the Powerhouse’s Disobedient Objects exhibition after the performance, with the exhibition closing on 14 February.

Glorias has been created with the support of the Bundanon Trust and the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Sydney.