Student Case Studies


Claire Maree Metcalfe, Barker College

Design and Technology

Claire Metcalfe’s major design project for Design and Technology focussed on the design and development of a handheld peak flow meter for young children with asthma (where there appeared to be no suitable device). Claire identified a need and set about designing a digital meter that would not only produce peak flow readings and record the data, but also employ a playful on-screen character to reassure the user the instrument had successfully recorded their breath flow, then connect via WiFi to an application of the parent’s smartphone, to notify them and upload the data. Data is also logged within the app and accumulations of readings can be used to display patient trends. Finally, housing this device within a compact, ergonomic and playful form provides child asthma patients with a purpose built and friendly solution to Australia’s most widespread chronic health problem.

Coffee Pod Cutter

Charles Cartmer, Marcellin College

Design and Technology

Charles Cartmer’s coffee pod cutter offers a sustainable solution to those pesky portion controlled coffee pods, which are presently unrecyclable due to the combination of plastic, aluminium and coffee grounds. Charles’s cutter separates these elements so that the aluminium and plastic can go into recycling bins and you can throw the coffee on the compost. After many iterations Charles’s final design is an ergonomic tool that safely removes the components and then uses the button top with scoop to remove the grounds. Charles has made this device a universal coffee pod cutter with interchangeable sections

Penguin Love

Claire Lorraine Rogers, MLC School

Industrial Technology

Claire Rogers chose to specialise in multimedia technologies producing a ‘claymation’, or stop-motion film using plasticine, titled Penguin Love. Claire’s film demonstrates a mature understanding of narrative devices. Drawing on the romantic comedy genre, and applying rough and ready contemporary animation styling, the viewer is taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions. This student shows extraordinary skill in the crafting and pacing of their work.

1950s Overcoat and Hat

Jodie Hui, North Sydney Girls High School

Textiles and Design

From the Textiles and Design stream came Jodie Hui’s 1950s overcoat and hat. Influenced by the 1950s fashion and hats designed by Phoebe Philo, a Paris-born UK fashion designer with a flair for the cool, laidback and vintage tone, Jodie’s major textile project exhibits a restrained and talented revival of a classic.

Jodie’s coat and hat do not overwhelm, they sit neatly within an existing vocabulary of fashion forms, yet there are concealed details in this revival. Neat pleats inside the pockets welcome the wearer’s hands. The length and fall of the weighty wool is well handled by the simple shape with a high single button and a straight line. The hat is embellished with a button to echo the coat’s buttons and is elegantly formed by alternating panels of pleated, gathered and plain wool.