• Will the weather be good enough to launch our rockets?

Space Scientist: Just For Girls (Ages 7-11)

Duration: 6 hours
Workshop7 - 11 Years
23 April 2018, 10am-4pm Sydney Observatory Book Tickets

This is a one-day workshop: Just For Girls.

Explore the stars at Sydney Observatory and become a space scientist for a day.

Together we will create and investigate fantastic new space-related technologies using littleBits. littleBits is a system of components that snap together to easily create circuits and prototypes. This will prepare you for your first mission: Water bottle rockets! Can you reach the stars?

But remember, what goes up must come down. Your second mission is to construct a landing capsule for an egg astronaut. Egg capsules that make it through the altitude challenges will be taken to the top of the tower for the ultimate rapid descent. Will they survive?

Digital learning programs at Sydney Observatory focus on premium learning experiences with a high facilitator to learner ratio. All courses cater for learners of differing abilities. The last half an hour of the workshop will be open for parents to view the participants’ work.

Note: This program runs at Sydney Observatory. There is no café so packed lunch is essential.

Please be sure to read our essential information for The Lab workshops.


MAAS Member Child$100
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