Starting from Scratch (Ages 7-9)

Duration: 6 hours
Workshop7 - 9 Years
13 July 2018, 10am-4pm Sydney Observatory Book Tickets

This is a one-day workshop.

Learn the basics of Scratch, a visual coding language developed by MIT. Scratch is great for those new to coding and utilises logic programming, creative arts and performance skills. Discover how different physical components can connect to Scratch software to develop and play classic arcade games such as Frogger (Crossy Road) or Space Invaders.

Learners will construct their own game controllers using LEGO WEDO kits. LEGO WEDO includes a variety of components including bricks, tilt/motion sensors and more. All participants will leave with a greater understanding of electronic components and the basics of computer programming and logic.


MAAS Member Child$100
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