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Sydney Observatory Mandarin Tour

Duration: 90 minutes
First Thursday of every month Sydney Observatory


在悉尼最古老的天文台, 我們可以一起體驗燦爛又神秘的星空。 90分鐘的旅程中, 一起分享南半球的夜空, 希望讓您大開眼界, 重新認識浩瀚的宇宙。我們的天文學家, 會根據季節的不同來介紹觀看最酷最美的天體。這個獨特的悉尼體驗中, 我們可以使用望遠鏡觀察恆星,行星,月亮,和星雲, 也會介紹黃道上的季節性星座和如何用南十字星座去尋找方向。旅程包括參觀歷史悠久的望遠鏡和現代的數位天文館。悉尼天文台有三台主要望遠鏡, 包括現代的16英寸反射望遠鏡以及全澳洲最古老的的折射望遠鏡。歡迎大家提出任何問題。內容適合10歲以上的兒童及全家觀賞。

注意事項 (Full terms and conditions can be viewed here)

*請注意不論天氣如何, 活動都將進行 。如果天氣是多雲或下雨, 不能用望遠鏡觀賞星空, 我們會安排其他室內活動。在這種情況下, 已訂票的遊客可以在當天中午12點之前更改為下個月。請在當天 10-12點致電悉尼天文台預訂處。 *團體(10+人)預訂,需預付款項。請致電悉尼天文台預訂處。我們的聯繫電話是: (02)92170111

Explore the highlights of the southern sky on a Night Tour at Sydney’s oldest observatory on this 90-minute tour.

Join us as we ask big questions about space and astronomy and gain a greater appreciation of the night sky. Learn some of the basics of astronomy including celestial navigation using the Southern Cross, planetary movement along the ecliptic and the seasonal constellations of the southern sky. Use our telescopes to see the stars, Moon, a nebula, and the planets during this quintessential Sydney experience. All tours are led by our team of expert astronomers, who love to share their knowledge on all things astronomy – be sure to bring your questions.

We look at different astronomical objects every night based on the season, movement of the planets and the best views of interesting astronomical objects. Tours include the digital planetarium and a visit to our historic domes for telescope viewing. Sydney Observatory has three main telescopes including the modern 16-inch mirror telescopes in the North and East Domes and our 146-year-old refracting telescope in the South Dome.

Recommended for age 10+ and all knowledge levels.

Terms and Conditions 

Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

If viewing through telescope equipment is not possible due to adverse sky conditions (eg rain or cloud cover), alternative activities will be arranged for the tour. Patrons should be aware that under these circumstances, it may not be possible to see astronomical objects in the sky.

Tickets for Night and Twilight Tours are non-refundable but may be rain-checked in the event of adverse weather. Refer to rain check conditions*

Group Bookings 

Group rates apply to groups of 10 or more people and must be pre-paid at the time of booking.

Group bookings may be made up to 3 months in advance by calling Sydney Observatory booking office (02) 9217 0111 between 10am – 5pm daily.

Rain Check Terms and Conditions* 

Rain checks are available to patrons who wish to exchange their tickets into an alternative session due to adverse sky conditions. Rain checks are not issued for change of mind. To rain-check tickets, patrons must phone the Sydney Observatory booking office prior to 12 noon on the day of their tour. Booking Office: (02) 9217 0111.


MAAS Member Adult$30
MAAS Member Concession$27
MAAS Member Child$25.50
MAAS Member Family$97
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