Talking Space: How to Grow a Galaxy

Duration: 1 hour

Our Milky Way contains an estimated 400 billion stars and spans a distance of over 100 000 light years. But how did it form? Was it always this big? And what is its future?

Join Dr Sarah Reeves as she discusses how astronomers go about studying the growth and evolution of galaxies over billions of years – including some of the latest research being done right here in Australia. Learn how radio telescopes like Parkes ‘The Dish’ are helping astronomers to unravel the mysteries of galaxy evolution, and how new telescopes currently under construction in the Western Australian desert will change our view of the sky and our understanding of the Universe.

About the speaker:

Dr Sarah Reeves is a science curator at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS). She completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney in 2009, and her PhD in Astronomy in 2016. For her thesis she worked with the ASKAP-FLASH team, preparing to use Australia’s newest and most powerful radio telescope to study the evolution of galaxies. While studying she also began working as a tour guide of Sydney Observatory (something she continues today), where she loves sharing her knowledge of astronomy with the public and showing people the night sky. Her passion for science communication led her to the Museum, where she is able to share her enthusiasm about science with a much wider audience, through the Museum’s collection and exhibitions.


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