Talking Space: Space Law

The use of space and space-related technology impacts upon all aspects of our lives as every country is dependent on space for its ongoing functioning and development. This dependence on space has given rise to a rapid and exponential expansion of technological development and humankind is now engaged in a vast (and growing) array of space activities, many of which were not contemplated even a few short years ago.

Yet, this rapid technological growth gives rise to complex difficulties in developing appropriate international and national rules to properly regulate what is a highly political, strategic and militarised domain.

This talk by renowned Professor of International Law and Space Law advisor Steven Freeland (Western Sydney University) will address some of the major challenges relating to the regulation of space activities in an era of rapidly developing technology.

Steven Freeland, Dean of Western Sydney University Law School, has taught space law and international law in Australia and around the world, has provided assistance to the United Nations as well as the Australian and other governments on various international and space-law-related issues, has previously worked with judges of the International Criminal Court in The Hague and, amongst other appointments, is a Director of the International Institute of Space Law based in Paris.