The Beatles in Australia

21 September 2013– 16 February 2014 Powerhouse Museum

The eruption of Beatlemania in Australia was more intense than anywhere in the world. For thirteen days in 1964 the nation was held in a kind of euphoria, captivated by the talent, the songs and the charm of the Fab Four on their concert tour.

This exhibition presents the sights and sounds of Beatlemania — the arrivals, the press conferences, the concerts and the screaming fans – through newsreel footage, television reports, radio coverage, magazines and press clippings.

It looks at how Australians responded to The Beatles and the tour’s lasting impact on Australian music and culture.

Rarely seen objects from museums, fans and collectors are displayed. Documents drawn from Arts Centre Melbourne’s Kenn Brodziak Collection provide a glimpse into the intense planning undertaken in the weeks and months leading up to The Beatles’ arrival.

Developed by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and Arts Centre Melbourne.
Consultant: Glenn A. Baker

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