The Final Frontier: Designing for Space

7 March 2018, 6–7pm

Space is changing. Space was once just a frontier for exploration, but is now integral to how the world goes about business. We use space technology and data every day, however it’s always been hidden behind the scenes. Without space infrastructure you couldn’t ask Google to show you the quickest way to work, you couldn’t pay for your groceries by tapping your debit card on an EFTPOS machine, and you couldn’t call your loved ones from your mobile phone.

However, as the applications for space innovation increases, it becomes less about solving engineering problems, and more about how we apply human centred design thinking to solve some of the biggest challenges for the future of space.

ustwo, a digital product studio guided by the principles of human centred design, will be hosting a panel to understand how we may successfully apply space technology to improve the lives of billions, right here on earth.

Speakers will range from innovators and explorers from Old and New Space, at the forefront of STEM, and who have worked on projects with the International Space Station.

This event is part of Sydney Design Festival 2018.