This is a Voice


Blending science, technology, art and performance, This is a Voice is an exhibition that reveals the power of the voice before and beyond words. These interviews investigate these ideas further, touching on vocal techniques, why we laugh, how we hear our inner voice, the way babies develop speech and the creative power of joining our voices together.

Dr Sophie Scott, Laughter

Lawrence English, artist, A People’s Choir

Lawrence English discusses his work ‘A People’s Choir’, a commission for the exhibition ‘This Is A Voice’ at the Powerhouse Museum.

Lawrence English, artist, Utterance

Lawrence English discusses his work ‘Utterance’, an installation at the Powerhouse Museum which uses several gramophone horns from the MAAS collection.

Dr Marina Kalashnikova, Babytalk, or infant-directed speech

Dr Charles Fernyhough, Hearing voices

Dr Charles Fernyhough, Inner speech

Bukhu Ganburged, performer, Khöömei singing

Bukhchuluun Ganburged demonstrates the different techniques of Mongolian throat singing.

Bukhu Ganburged, performer, styles of Mongolian overtone singing

Bukhchuluun Ganburged demonstrates the differences between Western overtone singing and Mongolian throat singing.

Mikhail Karikis, artist, The voice as sculpture