Unbound Collective, Sovereign Acts: OBJECT, performance, (2019) for The National: New Australian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Photograph: Tristan Deratz

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Unbound Collective: In the Hold

30 May, 31 May 2020 Sydney Observatory

We are giants of our histories

We are giants of the landscape

We are held, we are in the holding of the earth, fallen bodies, in the possessive gaze of the state and its structures of consciousness.

Locked in the violent arithmetic of genocide.

In the Hold responds to radioactive ideas of deep colonialism. This performative work explores the quietness of sovereignty, through activism, spoken word, music and installation projection.

The Unbound Collective brings together years of research in a performance practice that moves through spaces that have historically seen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians excluded and reduced to tell untold chapters of Australia’s true history.

Members of the collective include Ali Gumillya Baker, Simone Ulalka Tur, Faye Rosas Blanch and Natalie Harkin.

  • Ali Gumillya Baker shifts the colonial gaze through film, performance, projection and grandmother-stories.
  • Simone Ulalka Tur’s performance and poetics enact an intergenerational transmission of story-work through education.
  • Faye Rosas Blanch engages rap theory to embody sovereignty and shedding of the colonial skin.
  • Natalie Harkin’s archival-poetics is informed by blood-memory, haunting and grandmother-stories.


Presented by Powerhouse Museum as part of NIRIN WIR, the 22nd Biennale of Sydney


In the event of inclement weather, Unbound Collective will still proceed with their performance. Please bring an umbrella.


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