Your Voice and You: Power, Perception & Practice

Tuesday 28 November 2017, 5.30–7.30pm

We use our voices every day in a huge range of different activities, from mundane everyday tasks, to highly important intellectual and rhetorical scenarios. It can be treated as an instrument for sound, a tool for reasoning or an outlet for utterances, cries and laughter.

But the voice does more than this. While we have control over what we say, the pitch, tone, rhythm and accents of our speech are ‘read’ by the people we interact with. So what can your voice say about you? How do other people perceive us through our voice? Discover more about the voice and what it says about you in this insightful discussion.

This talk is part of our public program series for the exhibition This is a Voice, which will be open for viewing from 5.30pm, with the panel discussion commencing at 6pm. This is a Voice is a Wellcome Collection exhibition produced in collaboration with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS).

Moderated by This is a Voice curator Tilly Boleyn, with guest panelists:

Shane Fitzgerald – Voice coach, ABC News & Current Affairs

Dr. Marina Kalashnikova – Leader of BabyLab, MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University

Dr. Cate Madill – Director of the Voice Research Laboratory, University of Sydney.