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Solar cells on a red roof are in the foreground. The Sydney skyline is in the background.
Solar cells capture the sun’s energy as it falls on the roof of the Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum takes ecological sustainability seriously.

The EcoLogic exhibition incorporates reused showcases, glass and timbers, low emission paints and zero emission MDF board (medium density fibre board).

In the rest of the Museum:

  • We’re switching to energy efficient lights wherever possible, and using motion sensors to turn them off when nobody’s around.
  • Our printers and photocopiers automatically use both sides of a piece of paper.
  • All rubbish from the Museum is sorted for recycling at WSN Environmental Solutions. About 85% of it is recycled.
  •  We’ve installed flow restrictors in taps and all shower heads, reducing water use by one third, and cutting hot water use.
  •  Toilets are being replaced with dual flush systems. Urinals only flush when in use.
  •  We’re turning most of our car park into a garden.
  •  We’ve installed bicycle racks for visitors and staff.



On now until 30 June 2020

EcoLogic explores one of the world’s hottest topics today: climate change. Discover the science behind global warming, learn what we can do to slow it down and what we can do to adapt to the changes already taking place.

Changing landscapes

View photographs from the MAAS collection depicting changing technologies in urban and rural life, resource use, farming and transport in Australia between 1890 and 1915.