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The Traeger Pedal


Imagine, you’re at the weekly pub trivia quiz, it’s the final round and you need 2 points to win.

Question 1. Which Australian Icon appears on the back of the Australian $20 note?
a tough one! but some may know that it’s the Reverend John Flynn, who started the world’s first air ambulance service, The Royal Flying Doctors. He is pictured next to The Victory, the plane to fly the first mission for flying doctors.

The final question: (if you answer this one you win and take home the meat tray!) What is the funny looking pedalled device pictured under The Victory?
Well, that’s another amazing story of Australian ingenuity, listen to curator Matthew Connell tell it…

4 responses to “The Traeger Pedal

    • Thanks Wendy! keep it in mind, you never know when that information will come in handy!

      Greg- That is a perfect description, I’m sitting at my desk giggling.

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