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Michael Jackson- death of a pop icon

Cover of Michael Jackson Thriller album
Collection, Powerhouse Museum

Everyone at the Powerhouse Museum was saddened to hear of the death of Michael Jackson this morning.

He was an unmistakable icon of pop culture. Who can forget the 1982 album “Thriller” , which was one of the world’s highest selling records, and its video film clip which revolutionised the pop music film clip industry.

Love him or hate him, it is amazing how one man made such an impact on the music scene.

As a museum we often collect objects relating to pop culture, including one of the merchandised jackets from Jackson’s ‘Bad’ tour, so hopefully some of the story of his life can be told to future generations.

As some readers may know curator Peter Cox and his team are working on a huge exhibition about the 1980s, which will include popular culture, and hopefully we will see some of the highlights of Michael Jackson’s career included.

So rest in peace Michael Jackson, you will forever be remembered for impact you made on pop music.

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  • The sad death of Michael Jackson was a suitable event for the Museum to commemorate this talented musician while providing a space in which the Sydney community could register their respect. The nature of the event saw staff rally so successfully to the cause that within six hours after the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death we had a fully-labelled and wired display of objects in the main entrance to the Museum.

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