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The Bosdyk Dolls House- part three

Interior detail showing rooms in the Bosdyk dollhouse
Collection, Powerhouse Museum

The detail in the Bosdyk Dolls House is astounding. The picture above is of the top level of the house, the attic. Lets take a closer look:

Frans Bosdyk made most of the furniture for the house. However, details such as the textiles and interior designs were worked on by his wife, Christina. If we zoom in you can see that no detail was too small to escape her notice.

Interior detail of linen closet in the Bosdyk dollhouse

In this room on the left hand side of the wall is adhered the tiniest measuring tape that you could imagine, along with sewing supplies and dress patterns.

Interior detail showing rooms in the Bosdyk dollhouse

On the other side of the room hangs a little poster entitled “How to measure for pants” alongside tiny paper cut patterns.

Interior detail showing rooms in the Bosdyk dollhouse

The scraps of material neatly put away…

Interior detail of linen closet in the Bosdyk dollhouse

…and my personal favorite, the sewing thread and needles
miniature sewing kit from the Bosdyk dollhouse

5 responses to “The Bosdyk Dolls House- part three

  • I just need the machine from “honey i shrunk the kids”, then they ship me around the world… dont need to pay for flights! incredible detail… very livable, where is rick moranis when you need him!

  • Just a quick question.

    Now that the Museum has acquired the Dollshouse can it only ever be displayed the way that we got it, or can you move a few things around in the house?

    PS. Watch your reply here because when you do display it I’m going to check the order that you have stacked the material!

  • This ‘Dolls house’ is absolutly awesome. My Wife is a collector
    of rare dolls and would love to see this. I work at the Powerhouse and was wondering when and if this ‘house’ will be on display?.
    Objects like this are truly amazing.

  • I would dearly love to have the real thing on display here in Sydney and we are saving up for a showcase for it that will allow children to see the top layers.
    I know we won’t be short of adult enthusaists too!
    Mykey we’ve taken a photo of the position of each piece in each room – close to 2000 of them – and have carefully stuck some of the smaller pieces down with special glue so the dolls house can be moved without them all falling over.
    It would be fun to alter the positions of the tiny pieces and dolls for Christmas and other Bosdyk miniature family events.

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