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The 80s are Back- logistics of display

Visitors at the 80s are Back exhibition
Photography by Emma Bjorndahl © Powerhouse Museum, all rights reserved.

It appears that the curatorial team are trying to break the PHM world record of number of lenders per exhibition. Currently sitting on about 70 lenders I understand they will settle for no less than …..yes, you guessed it 80 lenders – it’s a numbers thing.

Supporting the curators are a dedicated bunch of staff members virtually throwing LP covers and stuffed toys at the exhibition, revealing an awful lot about themselves in the process, or at least what they were up to in the 80s. To date fifteen staff members have kindly lent their beloved belongings including 94 LP covers, a plethora of posters, princess Diana doll (really Kathleen!) a care bear, Garfield, glo worm and of course a piece of the Berlin wall and motor scooter.

So what do they have to beat – a quick check of other exhibitions has me noticing a bit of a curatorial link here.

The top three loan generating exhibitions over the last 15 years are: 69 lenders for “Spinning around”, 83 lenders for “On the box” and a whopping 110 for “Real Wild Child” (including the travelling component). All of these exhibitions were the work of curator Peter Cox!

But this exhibition is more than the sum of its loans, the exhibition draws from the museums own collection and collected archives. The number of objects (not including parts) in our collection database which have been selected for the 80s exhibition is sitting at around 570 which includes furniture, textiles, numismatics, radios, badges, posters and much, much more.

Basically if it existed in the 80s we have one (or two) on display!

Come and visit the exhibition!

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