Inside the Collection

Décor wine coolers – 1980s Australian product design pt3

April 30, 2010

Angelique Hutchison
My earlier posts about 1980s Australian product design highlighted some serious and important Australian designs from that decade. Now for something different – something that represents the good times and the rise of a food and wine culture in Australia in the 1980s – the Décor wine coolers.

Puppetry and George Gittoes

April 27, 2010

Anne-Marie Van de Ven
I thought I’d share with you a few more photographs of the puppets that were made by Australian artist George Gittoes, with the help of his mother Joyce Gittoes, around 1970. The group relates to an earlier acquisition of material which includes a recreation of the Puppet Theatre.

Victorian Steampunk Jewellery

April 23, 2010

Geoff Barker
This blog is really a response to Maduncle Cliff’s posts the other week. His look at the ‘steam punk’ aesthetic caught my eye as I happened to be working on what appeared to be a couple of 150 year old examples in the Museum’s watch collection.

Mystery object (multiple choice!)

April 21, 2010

Melanie Pitkin
In response to Jacqui's winning suggestion from our 1st birthday competition, we've put together our first multiple choice mystery object post! The object above is made of solid boxwood with a metal end and measures 44mm in height x 35mm in diameter.

‘That Dress’- Lady Sonia McMahon (1932-2010)

April 19, 2010

Melanie Pitkin
The Powerhouse Museum acknowledges with sadness the recent passing of Lady Sonia McMahon on 2 April 2010. Lady McMahon will be fondly remembered for her elegance and altruism (especially with regards to her tireless charity work) and of course - 'that dress', which Lady McMahon generously donated to the Powerhouse Museum back in 1987.

Meet our Regional Services Team- Rebecca Pinchin and Joanne Delzoppo

April 19, 2010

Melanie Pitkin
The Regional Services Program at the Powerhouse Museum provides programs and services to the people of New South Wales and beyond the borders of Sydney. These programs and services include access to our collections, expertise and resources for individuals and groups such as local museums, historical societies and libraries in rural and regional communities.

Pedestrian button – 1980s Australian product design pt2

April 16, 2010

Angelique Hutchison
The next instalment of my favourite Australian designed products from the 1980s continues on with the transport theme. The pedestrian button, found at a pedestrian crossing near you, was designed in 1984.

Conservator’s Corner: Investigating our plastics collection

April 14, 2010

Erika Taylor
During the period 1929-55, the Museum director Arthur de Raymond Penfold became fascinated by a new material called plastic and stated: The way they stirred the imagination of the public is as much a marvel as the wizardry of the modern organic chemist who gave us the great invention.

Happy Anniversary Messiah!

April 13, 2010

Michael Lee
The 13th April marks the anniversary of the first performance of George Frideric Handel’s oratorio, Messiah. This was premiered in Dublin on 13th April 1742. Now a 268th anniversary may seem a bit excessive to celebrate and some may even say that after the first 267, who’s counting.

Droog: Dutch for dry

April 12, 2010

Melanie Pitkin
Droog = WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") Droog = IYF ("In your face") Droog = Dutch for dry In this day and age of acronyms, colloquialisms, abbreviations and computer speak; things aren't always what they seem.

Guest Curator- Deb Mostert: tin toys inspire art

April 9, 2010

Erika Taylor
My name is Deb Mostert and I am a visual artist working in Brisbane. My art practice involves me using vintage and veteran toys and household objects as subject matter and finding collectors who are willing to let me 'play' with their toys is always exciting.