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Powerhouse memory quiz #1

Montage image of various collection objects
Photography © Powerhouse Museum, all rights reserved

Think you know the Powerhouse Museum pretty well? If so, have a go at this!

Above are six close-up images of objects on display in the Museum, which span all floors and collection areas. If you think you can identify any, or all, of these objects then we want to hear from you! Here are some clues:

1. It’s given this number for a reason!
2. Mercury
3. There’s more than meets the eye!
4. Industrial Revolution
5. ‘What is there equal to the dawn’ ‘Beautiful as the moon’ ‘Radiant as the sun’
6. Music to my ears

See how good your memory is at not only identifying the objects, but also their location in the Museum as well!

Good luck!

2 responses to “Powerhouse memory quiz #1

  • Here’s what I think:
    No1 locomotive
    Mercury MA6 Spacecraft replica
    The transparent woman
    Boulton and Watt steam engine
    Strasbourg clock
    Stuart Piano

  • Nice work Ian! The only correction I need to make is for Number 2. This is, in fact, Marc Newson’s Lockheed Lounge (91/1309) on display at the entrance to the Inspired! Design across time exhibition.

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