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That time of year

In case you hadn’t noticed Christmas is upon us once again!

The Museum’s collection is not without festive cheer, 1032 objects have ‘Christmas’ in the tile.

Christmas is the one time of the year people send cards all around the world all for the same purpose; check out some of the Museum’s amazing Christmas cards below

Some cards to sent to the relies overseas who believe that Kangaroos roam the streets even at Christmas or a casual reminder that we celebrate Christmas without snow.

Illustrated kanagroos dressed as the three wise men
Collection: Powerhouse Museum

2007/110/15-18 Christmas card, kangaroo design, cardboard, designed by Adrienne Higgs, made by Scribbly Graphics, Victoria and New South Wales, Australia, c.1978

Image of a busy Coogee beach with the text "Many Happy returns"
Collection: Powerhouse Museum

P3143-14 Photo postcard, The Beach, Coogee, Many Happy Returns

This beautifully gilded and embossed Victorian card would definitely something for Grandma

Beautifully gilded and embossed Victorian card
Collection Powerhouse Museum

A7825-32 Greeting card

A card for all the people who wish they had two elves to do there Christmas shopping

Illustrated picture of two elves pulling a sledge full of children's toys
Collection: Powerhouse Museum

85/2601-3 Christmas postcard, elves and sleigh

A card with just a hint of wistful romance for someone special

Illustrated image of Christmas card reading 'Christmas Greetings" and a woman's face among a vase of flowers
Collection: Powerhouse Museum

P3539-8 Postcard, `Christmas Greeting’ wattle-fairy

The P Plater in the family?

Illustrated image of Santa on a snowmobile with children's toys and a Christmas tree at the back
Collection: Powerhouse Museum

85/2601-5 Christmas postcard, Father Xmas in automobile

A card as a gentle reminder to a sibling perhaps . . .

Cartoon chicken and rooster dressed with top hat with text that reads" Hi ya, Mate - Forgotten the Date? Its Christmas!"
Collection: Powerhouse Museum

2004/90/1 Christmas card, sent to the Sing family, Surry Hills, paper, New South Wales, Australia, 1930 – 1960

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