Inside the Collection

How many stories can one object tell?

November 28, 2011

Debbie Rudder
When I decided to feature our rare Whittle aircraft engine in a recent blog post, I entered the term 'Whittle' in our database. Data on the engine appeared, along with a photo. Another object also popped up, with little data and no image.

The Peppin Merino

November 18, 2011

Sandra McEwen
Last week we installed a new exhibition at the Powerhouse Discovery Centre. It’s a small version of a display we created recently to help celebrate the biggest innovation in Australia’s wool industry… Boonoke is a sheep station near Deniliquin in the Riverina District of NSW, eight hours’ drive west of Sydney.

Hits from the bong

November 16, 2011

Erika Taylor
People are usually quite shocked when I tell them we have this bong in the Museum collection. Perhaps because the type of bong shown above is hand-made? Common? Looks a little like rubbish? I’m not sure why it is so shocking, museums all over the world have drug paraphernalia in their collections.

David Boyd (1924-2011)

November 11, 2011

Anni Turnbull
David Boyd died aged 87 on November 10 2011. Born into the Boyd family, who have been renowned for their artistic talents, David Boyd was a painter but was known for his ceramics, learning originally from his father Merric Boyd.

Meet the curator – Rebecca Evans

November 9, 2011

Anni Turnbull
What is your name? Rebecca Evans What is your speciality area? Isn’t specialisation code for ‘things I like best’? I have made and loved clothing and textiles for as long as I can remember.

Turning on the Canon Canola 1614P

November 7, 2011

Campbell Bickerstaff
A couple of weeks ago the Museum received a request from Peter Miller for access to a collection object.  Now this type of access is not always granted as it is resource intensive - an object needs to be moved to a suitable location for viewing and a curator or conservator may need to be on hand to move the object - remember this material is kept by the Museum for the people of NSW in perpetuity and so we want it to last.

The Parramatta flying dentist: a model story

November 4, 2011

Anni Turnbull
Today celebrates 100 years since an adventurist dentist and self taught aviator landed in Parramatta Park in a Bristol Boxkite. The aviator William Ewart “Billy” Hart, made one of the earliest and longest flights in New South Wales, when he flew from Penrith and landed in Parramatta Park.