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Cities Reborn

July 13, 2011

Charles Pickett
There's been some comment lately about the fact that for the first time, more than half of the human race lives in cities. At the same time, cities are being seen again in a generally positive light.

Meet the curator- Charles Pickett

June 16, 2011

Melanie Pitkin
If you are a regular reader of 'Object of the Week', you would know that Charles is one of our best contributors. I thought it was about time we 'met' Charles in one of our inimitable 6x6 style interviews!

Don’t renovate, detonate!

June 3, 2011

Charles Pickett
You might have seen in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald a piece about the Knock Down Rebuild (KDR) phenomenon. Across Sydney’s middle-ring suburbs – from Strathfield to Granville, Earlwood to Hurstville, Manly to Avalon - old timber, fibro and brick cottages are being purchased for ‘land value’, demolished and replaced with new homes.

Osama’s lair

May 9, 2011

Charles Pickett
The demise of Osama bin Laden is certainly the news story of 2011. Among the torrent of analysis, news stories and blogs this event has generated, bin Laden’s home of the past five or six years has attracted considerable comment.

Inspired by an Incinerator

March 30, 2011

Anni Turnbull
Well not just any incinerator. The Pyrmont incinerator was rather special, it was one designed by Walter Burley Griffin (1876-1937) in 1935. Memorable on the Pyrmont skyline for fifty years the incinerator or reverberator has inspired responses from a variety of artists even after its removal from the landscape.


March 16, 2011

Charles Pickett
I love ruins, and I’m not alone in this taste. A fair swag of the world’s most visited tourist sites are ruins: the Forum, the Great Wall, the Pyramids and so on – it’s an impressive list.

Copies and collections

February 14, 2011

Charles Pickett
Erika recently wrote about ‘real vs. fake’ museum objects, using the example of repro fossils as an example. It’s an interesting issue: that museums continue to thrive in the digital age is largely due to their role as repositories of the ‘real’ and ‘authentic’.

Two cities, two breweries, two designer projects

November 12, 2010

Charles Pickett
By coincidence, two major city brewery sites are currently being redeveloped in both Sydney and Melbourne. The venerable Kent Brewery on Broadway, founded in 1835, is being transformed into Central Park, a new residential precinct.

The Dreaming Towers- UTS Towers

March 30, 2010

Charles Pickett
Source There’s been some publicity lately for a proposal to transform the UTS Tower on Broadway.  The idea is that the building could be clad with a lightweight mesh skin which would collect rain water, generate solar electricity and cool the tower, saving energy.