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Décor wine coolers – 1980s Australian product design pt3

April 30, 2010

Angelique Hutchison
My earlier posts about 1980s Australian product design highlighted some serious and important Australian designs from that decade. Now for something different – something that represents the good times and the rise of a food and wine culture in Australia in the 1980s – the Décor wine coolers.

Pedestrian button – 1980s Australian product design pt2

April 16, 2010

Angelique Hutchison
The next instalment of my favourite Australian designed products from the 1980s continues on with the transport theme. The pedestrian button, found at a pedestrian crossing near you, was designed in 1984.

Baby capsule – 1980s Australian product design pt1

March 5, 2010

Angelique Hutchison
Visiting The 80s Are Back exhibition I wondered: if I had to pick the best in Australian product design from the 1980s, what would it be? A Sunbeam kettle or the décor wine cask cooler? The Stackhat or a Caroma toilet?