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First Powered Flight in Australia- Episode 4

December 9, 2009

Ian Debenham
Image courtesy of John Scott, 2009 Today marks the Centenary of Colin Defries's historic flight in his Wright Model A 'The Stella' at Victoria Park Racecourse on 9th December 1909. To recognise this, here is my fourth and final instalment of the saga...

First Powered Flight in Australia- Episode 3

December 2, 2009

Ian Debenham
Harry Houdini, Fred Custance and the "Aviation History Wars" Aviation journalist, Jack Percival, wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald of August 7th, 1960: No special celebration is planned to mark the 50th anniversary of the first flight in a powered aeroplane in Australia...the experts can't agree to whom the honour should be given for the first true flight.

First Powered Flight in Australia- Episode 2

November 25, 2009

Ian Debenham
Colin Defries and the first powered flight in Australia Just four days after George made the first free heavier-than-air flight in the glider at Narrabeen, a young Englishman, Colin Defries left the ground in a Wright Model A, that he had named The Stella after his new wife, at Victoria Park race course south of Sydney.