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Curator profiles

Meet the curator- Charles Pickett

June 16, 2011

Melanie Pitkin
If you are a regular reader of 'Object of the Week', you would know that Charles is one of our best contributors. I thought it was about time we 'met' Charles in one of our inimitable 6x6 style interviews!

Meet the curator- Rebecca Bower

April 14, 2011

Rebecca Bower
Name: Rebecca Bower What is your specialty area? Like many curators at the Powerhouse I studied archaeology, having wanted to be an Egyptologist since I was a little girl. It was pure coincidence that my first year at university was soon after Raiders of the Lost Ark came out.

Meet the curator- Glynis Jones

October 8, 2010

Glynis Jones
Name: Glynis Jones (I often receive phone calls from gentlemen of a certain age who ask me if I appeared in Mary Poppins!!). What is your specialty area? I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Archaeology and Fine Arts and a postgraduate degree in Museum Studies.

Meet the curator- Alysha Buss

June 28, 2010

Melanie Pitkin
Name: Alysha Buss What is your specialty area? At university I completed a Bachelor of Arts where I majored in Archaeology (Classical and Near Eastern) and Heritage Studies, and also studied Art History and Anthropology.

Meet the Curator: Andrew Grant

May 26, 2010

Andrew Grant
Name Andrew Grant What is your specialty area? Land Transport with particular interest in horse drawn transport. It’s hard to claim any field within the vast transport area as a “specialty”, because they are all complex.

Meet the curator- Min-Jung Kim

May 14, 2010

Min-Jung Kim
Name: Min-Jung Kim What is your specialty area? My known speciality is East Asian decorative arts and design within the Museum. I look after the Chinese, Japanese and Korean collections in all mediums including: ceramics, textiles, wood and lacquer, metal, jade, paper etc.

Meet the curator- Eva Czernis-Ryl

December 25, 2009

Eva Czernis-Ryl
Eva and part of the Doulton display in the ‘Inspired!’ exhibition. Above Bilton’s waratah plaque and jug, there is a stunning vase painted about 1900 by Edward Raby. Name Eva Czernis-Ryl What is your specialty area?

Meet the curator- Anni Turnbull

December 23, 2009

Erika Taylor
Name Anni Turnbull What is your specialty area? I have worked on a diverse range of exhibitions during my time as a curator here, acquiring objects along the way. I’ve learnt about vastly different subject areas from car fanatics to futurists design and see myself as an interpreter, using a variety of tools to tell stories.

Meet the curator- Kerrie Dougherty

December 14, 2009

Kerrie Dougherty
Name Kerrie Dougherty What is your speciality area? I’m the museum’s Curator of Space Technology and my areas of interest cover the history of astronautics and space flight, space education and public awareness, and social and cultural responses to space.

Meet the curator- Nick Lomb

September 29, 2009

Nick Lomb
Name Dr Nick Lomb (retired December 2009) What is your speciality area? By training I am an astronomer, but my full official title is curator of astronomy, timekeeping, navigation, meteorology, surveying and the history of Sydney Observatory.

Meet the curator- Ian Debenham

September 25, 2009

Ian Debenham
Name Ian Debenham (retired February 2010) What is your specialty area? In a former life, I was a Licence Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with Qantas who left and obtained an Honours Degree in Ancient History - Roman economic history to be precise.

Meet the curator- Lindie Ward

August 7, 2009

Lindie Ward
Name Lindie Ward What is your specialty area? Textiles, lace, dress and shoes. How long have you been working at the Museum? Since 1990. What is your favourite object in the collection? Very hard to answer.