Inside the Collection

Curator profiles

Meet the curator- Melanie Pitkin

July 17, 2009

Melanie Pitkin
Name Melanie Pitkin What is your speciality area? My academic background is in Ancient History and Egyptology so my main specialty area is actually Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period history.

Meet the curator- Michael Lea

June 17, 2009

Michael Lee
Name Michael Lea What is your speciality area? Music and musical instruments. It’s a very diverse area so covers a lot of ground from historical to contemporary aspects through to musical traditions from a variety of cultures.

Meet the curator- Debbie Rudder

June 3, 2009

Debbie Rudder

My main research interests are: how our past use of energy informs present and future energy use; and the history and practice of innovation.

Meet the curator- Campbell Bickerstaff

May 27, 2009

Campbell Bickerstaff

I am usually the one people come to when they need help with technology that is used to capture, store, transmit or receive information.

Meet the curator – Geoff Barker

May 20, 2009

Geoff Barker

I specialise in nineteenth century Australian and Pacific photography and the links between science and photography.

Meet the curator – Margaret Simpson

April 22, 2009

Margaret Simpson

My specialty area is the transport collection – I’ve researched everything from a steam car to a tram hearse, luxurious railway carriages to a shearer’s bicycle.

Meet the curator – Paul Donnelly

April 8, 2009

Paul Donnelly
Name Paul Donnelly What is your specialty area? Curators ‘specialities’ seem to grow by the year (!) but my background research is the Bronze-Age archaeology of Jordan and Syria, and I look after numismatics, antiquities, ceramics of Europe and the Mediterranean region (before 1700), and Australian ceramics.

Meet the curator – Erika Dicker

April 2, 2009

Erika Taylor

I like to think I’m a ‘jack of all trades’ but I know quite a lot about the history of the Australian merino, early plastics technology, scientific instruments, health and medical devices.