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Dame Nellie Melba

These petrol pumps are history, but what’s the future?

November 6, 2013

Debbie Rudder
  Young Sydney engineer Frank Hammond invented the 'visible volumetric' petrol pump around 1920 and licensed his patent rights to manufacturers in Australia and the UK. Garages purchased visible pumps to ensure that they were supplying an accurately measured volume of petrol, or ‘motor spirit’, to each customer.

Dame Nellie Melba Turns 150

May 19, 2011

Michael Lee
The 19th May 2011 marks the birth of one of Australia’s greatest performers, Dame Nellie Melba. Perhaps the most internationally renowned Australian performer in the period before the Second World War, Dame Nellie Melba was recognised as one of the worlds greatest sopranos with her fame living on to the present day.