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ANZAC Day, The Sydney Morning Herald and a Dolls House

April 25, 2012

Margaret Simpson
What do ANZAC Day, The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and this dolls house in the Museum's collection have in common? The answer is a heartfelt story which began when Charlie Sellers, who worked as a linotype foreman in the compositing section of the Herald, promised to build his youngest daughter, Elaine, a dolls house.

Miss Vanderfield’s Doll’s House

May 18, 2011

Margaret Simpson
It was a Tuesday morning. I was working on a PowerPoint presentation - a training session for our Museum volunteers, a couple of meetings were scheduled, labels were due at our Print Media department, public enquiries needed attention and the never-diminishing pile of acquisition documentation beckoned, then the phone rang.

Bosdyk Doll’s House- part four

October 2, 2009

Melanie Pitkin
The processes that follow an acquisition of an object into a museum’s collection are not as straightforward as some may think! All incoming objects need to be numbered, catalogued, researched and then documented and conserved.

The Bosdyk Dolls House- part three

September 11, 2009

Lindie Ward
The detail in the Bosdyk Dolls House is astounding. The picture above is of the top level of the house, the attic. Lets take a closer look: Frans Bosdyk made most of the furniture for the house.

The Bosdyk Dolls House- part two

August 21, 2009

Lindie Ward
Curators Lindie Ward and Margaret Simpson visited Frans Bosdyk at his home to find out more about the creation of his exquisite dolls house. Frans created most of the furniture for the dolls house himself, setting up a workshop in his garage.

The Bosdyk Dolls House- part one

July 24, 2009

Erika Taylor
Fallen in love with this dolls house yet? Just wait, you will! Let me introduce you to one of the latest objects to join the Powerhouse Museum collection, the Bosdyk Dolls House, a unique example of the art of the miniature.